Fun Videos For Everyone!

While all cinema movies are expensive, not all website motion animations need a Pixar budget. We're able to make quick pitches and website intros for companies and nonprofit organizations on a budget, while providing an all-inclusive service. From script writing, to storyboarding, to voice over work and animation itself, we cover all your bases. With reading, it’s like you’ve got to … think … and stuff … but here at Animation Motion, we force-feed your audience oodles of entertainment that they can’t wait to swallow, over and over. In fact, we can turn any boring thing (let’s say, Bar Codes), and turn them into something fresh, exciting and swagtastic. Like this. Or, we can take something deep, such as philosophy, and make it even deeper. Like this. So which viral emotion would you like to appeal to? Click here, and let's start talking about it.

Look Like A Million Bucks, On A Budget

Animation Motion is a Kinetic Typography LLC subsidiary. For just a few thousand bucks, you could ask us to think of a SERIES of episodes about your product, idea, or service! These videos are 100% custom made, which means there are no templates, no simple stock stuff, and no compromises for quality. From the very beginning, we get to know you and your organization. We study your needs, and your clientele's wants. We mesh the two into an enticing script, which is designed to retain the audience's attention for the entire duration of the motion animation. As the call to action gets exciting, you'll see increased traction on your site, and you know what that means... a heck of a lot more sales! There is not a single sane salesperson out there who could say "No" to that. Order today, only at Animation Motion.

Surprise Your Audience!

Imagine how psyched your market would become if it was swept off it’s feet by a viral YouTube link! Just think: that motion animation could belong to you (as a person), or your organization (as a brand). You used to have to own a printing press to share ideas this big! Now, you can turn people like us, into your for-hire printing press. With YouTube always there to disseminate your pitch, you know your message will become timeless. Many people think they can't afford this, but the truth is, you can't afford NOT to. When your competitors grab the market's attention, for just a few thousand bucks, you'll wish you were first to out-smart them. Our staff will make sure we're familiar with your rivals, so we can be clever about our strategy. With an animation motion video, you'll look and feel more professional. The point is simple. Get there before they do.